Wednesday, March 25, 2009

You're Filthy.

Carmine P. Filthy has been sweating it out on the dance floor since he was 15 years old. P. Filthy got his start in the club scene as an integrated part of Beat Camp and Revolver down in Miami. He moved on to Chicago to throw underground art party Mondo before moving on to a residency at Grammercy. After four years in the city that built House he moved to Brooklyn. Since moving to NYC in 2005 he has produced and Djed all over the city including venues & parties like APT, Happy Ending, Ruff Club, Crooked Disco, Beauty Bar, B.E.D., element and South Paw.

Carmine P. Filthy is always interested in the new territories of sonics for the dance floor. P. Filthy plays relentless tech crunk, body music and heavy electro as well as the deepest italo and slickest techno. He's shared the decks with DJ Fame (Dubsided), AC Slater, The Captain (Trouble & Bass), Alexander Technique, Lauren Flax (iheartcomix), Glimmers, Eamon Harkin, James F!@#$ing Friedmen, Selway, Mark Verbos, Tommie Sunshine, Ewan Pearson to name a few.

The two mixes span some time but are still super worthy. Barack is a bit more "euphoric," if you will while Sordid is a bit rougher. Are they worth downloading? Um 2 hours of music for free...yeah they are.

Download: Sordid Standard via Soundcloud
Download: Barack the Boat via Soundcloud

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