Thursday, March 26, 2009

It's All Minimal to Joachim Spieth

Techno has been the new black since before that phrase came into existence. It is a genre that flourishes in the most dank cities and towns across the globe. Detroit and Berlin are it's two capitals but if you observe surrounding areas you're sure to find the echos of this machine music coming from seemingly abandoned buildings. That's where Joachim Spieth and his Affin imprint step in.

Joachim Spieth, has released records on Techno giants like Kompakt, Speicher and Paso Music. He started the Affin imprint a little over a year ago to release his own tracks and those of like-minded producers.

And that's where we come in. He's released his new compilation album Presence which marks the past decade or so of his musical career. To celebrate he's released a handful of tunes for you to get scientific to.

If you like things that are minimal, sleek, and precise than Joachim is your boy. His clinical techno killers are bleak, stark, and really frickin good. Mixing found sounds, throbbing basslines, and beats that take control Joachim knows a thing or two about glitch, minimalism and just making songs that fry your brain.

Download: Ich
Download: Connect
Download: Maxime Dangles - Strawberry (Joachim Spieth Remix)
Download: Bjirn Scheurmann - Musicmol (Joachim Spieth Remix)

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