Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's Just So Poptastic.

Seeland Records is pleased to present The Teen-Pop-Noise Virus, one of the most absurd albums of all-time by Poptastic. The music, like the band itself, was spawned from the warped minds of experimental producers Chris Fitzpatrick and Thomas Dimuzio. At the core of their debut release are twelve intricately mangled songs, but in the spaces between, there is much more.

Poptastic’s basic concept is accessible and humorous, yet buried in the layers of sound is a complex web of mixing, remixing, editing, re-editing, arranging, and de-arranging that continues to reveal something new with each listen. It was also designed so that in CD shuffle play, only the “hits” play, yet when in continuous linear play, the entire album is a single interwoven work; the spaces in between songs are arenas in which fragmented elements of each song collide and blend discordantly. Fitzpatrick explains, “We are finding that people are not as confused by the music as by why they find themselves listening again and again.” With a smile, Dimuzio sums up the entire project, “Poptastic is just plain wrong.”

If you were wondering what they're on about, their association with Negativland (they run Seeland Records) kind of gives you an idea of what they sound like. In other words, Poptastic aren't exactly a "pop" band in the conventional sense. They love pop music but they prefer it sliced, diced, chopped, and pasted back together. The result are songs that sound a bit rough around the edges but have a heart that beats w/a pure bubblegum. A tribute to the power of the editor, Poptastic are exceptional masters of the patchwork pop tune.

Download: I Think of You
Download: Not Coming Back
Download: Hold Me
Download: Are You Happy

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