Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What's An UltraChorus?

The duo known as UltraChorus is Chris Heidman and Jeff Lorentzen. The two spend nearly everyday in their Minneapolis SoTM studio composing and making beats at an Olympic level. Judging by the single that they've just released, Words Kept Talking, I'd say they if there was an Olympic event for such a thing they'd win a gold medal.

As for how the band came together...well that starts back in the 90's. Chris began his career as half of the late 90’s electro indie band Sukpatch, pioneering beat driven music for the twee set by way of the Beastie’s Grand Royal label. After a small bit of indie cult status was achieved, Sukpatch laid down their samplers and called it done in 2004. Meanwhile, carefully straddling the line between distinguished gentlemen and accomplished degenerate, Jeff has spent most of his life in the studio. A producer through and through, this is his debut on the other side of the microphone.

It's a damn good debut and how could it not be, Sukpatch were are brilliant band so the foundation for something fantastic had already been laid when these two got together. As for the single, Words Kept Talking, it's a brilliant slab of synth pop run through a banjo, the 80's, a bit of the Postal Service and then sugar coated with a choruses so catchy it will make you sick. In other need this in your life.

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state parks said...

Wildly excited by this, and I haven't even listened yet.