Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Noah’s Ark Was A Spaceship!

I don't know a lot about Noah’s Ark Was A Spaceship but what I do know is that they are a band from Omaha, Nebraska formed in 2004 by good friends Andrew Gustafson and John Svatos. The band has undergone several lineup changes as most bands do but they finally settled on drummer Rob Webster in 2007. Influenced by late 80’s and early 90’s alternative rock the band combines noisy guitars, fuzzed out bass and hard hitting drums in a simple songwriting fashion.

In other words, they're good old fashioned indie rock in that Sub Pop/ Seattle meets Merge / Chapel Hill sort of style. If you like your indie a little rough around the edges but still with a sense of melody then you'll fall head over heels for Noah's Ark Was A Spaceship. The songs for download are off of their latest EP entitled My Name Is, What Is Your Name and the whole EP is a doozy in that 90's sort of indie rock angst way. It's good stuff that'll blow out your tweeters and maybe even your ears.

Download: Adult Sized Skeletal
Download: Reverse Effects In Jumping Jacks

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Description of band lifted directly from another website... unorginal/plagarism.