Tuesday, March 24, 2009

To the Nite Club Baby...

Nite Club is the project of multi instrumentalist Richard Spitzer. Born into a Orthodox Jewish / Cuban family, music was a natural part of daily life. Either the salsa and mambo infused family parties or the introspective soulful prayer at the ultra Orthodox Hebrew Temple. Diversity in music was Spitzer’s calling since he was little.

Showcased in the live setting Nite Club becomes a collaboration with Osbourne (Ghostly International) drummer Steve Bryant. Their combined background of live jungle, indie rock and hip hop makes for a upbeat and dreamy atmosphere.

Manipulating all kinds of instruments Spitzer’s experiences come together with Nite Club. While having the New York night life as his backdrop he creates a beautiful project that shines in the night sky.

Judging by the tracks below, the band's album My Tronic should be a brilliant little slice of synth indie pop heaven. The songs are shy and laid back and sound a bit like Figurine or the more sensitive moments of Postal Service. It's really cool stuff that kind of shuffles its feet along as it takes over your brain.

Download: No Matter Which Way
Download: Good Life (Kanye West Cover)


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