Friday, March 27, 2009

Rosie and Me

Rosie and Me are a folk/acoustic duo from Curitiba, Brazil, made up of Rosie and Alex.

Their music is driven by Rosie’s voice, with an increasing level of vocal participation from Alex, whose voice blends entirely with the whole set. Rosie also plays a great number of instruments, such as: guitar, piano and bass while Alex plays the synths and harmonicas. In addition to the namesakes of the band there's also Guilherme who plays the bass and Tiago who plays the drums.

Perfectly matched, their songs are catchy and heartbreaking at the same time. It's cute and cuddly twee pop and nothing says Spring more than Rosie and Me's shy, shuffley tunes. If you ever thought Ballboy's softer side was brilliant than you'll find Rosie and Me the most charming band to ever come out of Brazil.

They record everything themselves and have yet to step in to a studio to record an actual EP. But they've been kind enough to send over a few demo tracks that are charmingly brilliant twee pop.

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