Friday, March 27, 2009

Patrick Pleau's Hype...

Ok...I admit, I don't speak a word of French. But music is the universal language and if something is good it doesn't really matter what language it is in, it's still good. That's especially true in the case of Patrick Pleau!

This French Canadian sounds like he was beamed to the 21st century from the 60's with a love of all things Chanson. He's got that smokey, tender voice that haunted so many French pop records 40 years ago and made all the girls fall in love.

When you wrap his voice around tunes that sound something like Phoenix mixed with a dash of Britpop and throw in some international intrigue (yeah, ok he's from Canada) you have the makings of something special that's bound to cross borders and language barriers. As fate would have it Patrick Pleau does have that something's his album called, Hype-Moi.

Hype-Moi is a great record that's filled with jangly pop, huge choruses, and tender ballads that will no doubt make girls stalk him no matter where he goes. It's a fun listen that will make you wish you were in Paris...or Montreal as the case may be. If you love your pop with a bit of foreign flare, than Patrick Pleau is your boy.

Download: Bocalophobe
Download: Antigenie
Download: Cimetiere Lunaire

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