Monday, June 1, 2009

Mostro is a Monster

Mostro is the project of 4 electro superstars- crafted exclusively for ABSOLUT FREAK RECORDS.On "Mostro 1", french wonderboy PLAY PAUL, mainly known for his work with Kitsune, Craft Music and Gigolo ("Lalaland"), meets DANIEL DEXTER, member of the German crew AcidKids who have also appeared on eminent labels such as Exploited & Television Rocks. They deliver a dynamic and spacey electro climb.

On the B-side, club legend BORIS DLUGOSCH and RAIK FARGO from Hey Today! (Kitsune) are COME KLAR. Their tracks "Mostro 2" and "Mostro 3" are explosive tunes with a freaky basslines and fluro pads on a massive compression!

If you like Alan Braxe and Linus Loves than you need these tracks in your life!

Download: Mostro 1
Download: Mostro 2
Download: Mostro 3

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