Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Back to the Nite Club

Nite Club's My Tronic is a sixteen song exploration of synth pop that's influenced by a mish mash of sounds and experiences. This really shouldn't be a surprise as the band's main man Richard Spitzer has been shaped by everything from drum and bass, punk, and salsa to just about everything in between. This diversity has led Nite Club's to produce a record that is far more than just an ordinary synth pop record, but an album that crams every possible idea ever into some sort of song structure that will make your feet move.

Perhaps sounding something like Figurine meets Chromeo, Nite Club clearly have an idea how to write dance floor friendly material while still being unafraid to weave styles and influences into a heady stew of pop. As a result My Tronic is a brilliant sticky sweet album of lush beats and barely there vocals that sound like they've got secrets to tell. My Tronic jumps around influences more than kids on a hopscotch court and at any one time you could have a song that sounds like it belongs to Erasure running into a early 90's rave anthem. My Tronic is a series of sharp turns that never goes in any one direction for too long; this is a record that will keep you guessing and keep you entertained..

Nite Club are absolutely brilliant at taking everything they know and manipulating it all into some sort of formula that works on every level. Filled with effervescence, a variety of beats, and songs that you will never forget My Tronic is a diverse trip through synth pop wonderland that's almost better than a trip through It's A Small World.

Download: Nite Club - No Matter Which Way (Mold Remix)
Download: Ultrachorus - Words Kept Talking (Nite Club Remix)

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