Monday, June 8, 2009

Hooray For Tullycraft.

First String Teenage High: The Songs of Tullycraft Played By People Who Aren't, was originally co-released in 2003 by AAJ & Bumblebear records. The initial run was only 500 CD's and has been completely sold out for quite some time.

First String Teenage High started as a labor of love by Bumblebear Records owner Jimmy Hughes (current member of Elf Power & mastermind behind wonderful band Folklore). With Sean Tollefson's support, Hughes lovingly complied the tracks over a two year period. Some of the songs covered are actually from Sean's bands that were precursors to or side projects of Tullycraft - Crayon and Six Cents & Natalie. Sadly, very few of the bands that contributed to the album are still in existence.

First String Teenage High will be available for download via all major outlets on July 28th, 2009! And if you're like me you a) LOVE Tullycraft and b) will most definitely NOT miss this opportunity to have this record in your collection a second time. Twee done by twee for twee. You can't get much tweer than that.

Until July 28th rolls around enjoy two tracks from this rather masterful tribute record!

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