Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Color is Turning...

Forming within the growing Los Angeles Indie/Experimental scene, The Color Turning conceived a project that pulled from an eclectic pallet of modern and experimental rock. The band blended the power and emotion of Southern California’s indie scene while using European ambient rock instrumentation and arrangements to contextualize and broaden the scope of expression drawn from their creative manifestations.

That's a really complicated way of saying that the band throw a whole bunch of influences up against the wall, use whatever sticks, and then carve out shiny pop gems out of that. This is a group unafraid to use everything at their disposal to create songs that linger on long after they're gone. That's good because they excel at writing the "big" tune. One listen to, "New Hooligan," and I think you'll agree they've got the knack for big riffs and even bigger choruses. It's uber-melodic stuff that's quite good.

Their album, Good Hands Bad Blood is an auditory adventure. Displaying flagrant mastery of their instruments and genre, The Color Turning represents an expansion of Los Angeles’ indie psyche with dancing musicianship and detailed composition. Finally, as if some corporate big wig broke out a dictionary for some phraseology, the band structured the album around the rising download culture in music, the band creates a visceral experience to be listened to in its whole as a story or broken into its chapters of tracks.

Download: New Hooligan

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