Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cubic Zirconia Are Good Employees

The Savant Guard, Brooklyn's little little label with the big big sound, comes roaring back with this Summer's irresponsibility anthem, FUCK WORK.

On their left field debut, Cubic Zirconia, a 4 headed genre-defying monster bred in NYC’s lower east side, effortlessly combine acid basslines, crisp pre-software percussion, and noisy guitar stabs with an all too relevant call to arms. Fuck Work?

The digital EP features four bonus remixes, all of which are made for the dance floor. Dances With White Girls flows like no other in his unforgettable tweaky rap filled version (download this below), Lord and Master’s Lord Warddd drops a cheeky and infectious distorted hands-in-the-air rendition, Rene Goulet offers a sexy bottle service remix, and Proper Villains & Jubilee drop, it (um..) proper, with a big knee wobbler of dive bomb basslines and ravey windups .

So as you head on down to the unemployment line, blast this out of your Ipod and feel rest assured that for the 26 weeks you can officially say fuck work on the government's (and some degree my) dime.

Download: Fuck Work (Dances With White Girls Remix)


Anonymous said...

I loVe IT!!

Anonymous said...

me too! check the video:


Paul POP! said...

Thanks for checking out the blog and I think it's pretty much the theme song to 2009. ha.

Dmitry said...

thanks for track