Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cubism returns...

True to their name, The Cubists are taking a Picasso-like approach to pop. All the structures and strictures remain intact – the chorus and verse, the bridge and hook – but they have been bent, twisted and manipulated, expanded and enhanced beyond expected boundaries.

Over the course of seven material-mining years the Augusta, Georgia-based psych-rock act has evolved from earnest power pop trio to something bigger, bolder and infinitely more complex. Incorporating dense orchestral arrangements, electronic experimentation, found sounds and field recordings, The Cubists have grown in both size and scope. Channeling disparate musical elements and personal loss the band has emerged with the sprawling debut full-length, Mechanical Advantage.

Sounding as skittish as they do heavy, The Cubists are a band all over the map. Sometimes the approach of genre hopping doesn't work for bands, but in the case of these guys it totally does. In fact, it's their inability to sit still that makes them so damn good and makes their songs so catchy. Think of an American version of The Coral and you're kind of on the right track.

Download: She's Got Blood

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