Friday, June 12, 2009

A Delgado Returns!

Sometimes bashful, occasionally imbued with curmudgeonly bluster, and yet always lifted by humorous life learned truisms, Lord Cut-Glass (former Delgado Alun Woodward) strikes a dashing figure of musically inventive bravado. Galloping percussion, waltzes and marches, promenades of male and female harmony, delicate and serene creations punctuated by casual profanity and shot through with brazenly hilarious words-to-the-wise.

Woodward’s solo project has grown incrementally over the 4 years since The Delgados disbanded. In between “non rock n roll” spots of gardening on his allotment, doses of scarlet fever and work on Chemikal Underground releases – including those of Aidan Moffat and The Phantom Band – the moniker ‘Lord Cut-Glass’ has made fleeting appearances on Chemikal’s own Ballads Of The Book project and the compilation Worried Noodles.

Lord Cut-Glass is like a Scottish version of the Super Furry Animals. He is quirky, far outside the norm, and filled with sweeping pop gems that are just waiting to get out of him. It's obvious that the time spent away from his former band has taken a toll on him as his creative juices are flowing so much that he can just about contain himself. He's dramatic one minute and then majestic the next and it's that skittishness that makes him so fantastic. If the track, "Even Jesus Couldn't Love You," is anything to go by, then his self titled debut will be one of the most well received epic pop records of 2009.

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