Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Lightning Dust Strikes Again

Lightning Dust's sophomore album for Jagjaguwar, Infinite Light (Released Aug. 4 in the US and Aug. 3 in the UK), is an album that ups the ante of the band's minimalist, self-titled debut and lays to waste any "side project" chatter. There is a light on the other side of the black mountain, and it glows in the hearts of Vancouver duo Amber Webber and Joshua Wells. As Lightning Dust, the pair harness a gentler sound than as founding members of Black Mountain.

That being said, the first tune to be released from Infinite Light, "I Knew," is something like a no-wave tune run through some sort of warbly folk music maker. The result is something that sounds like a rejected Suicide track if they were girls and wound up on the set of Dr. Who. It's twisted stuff that bounces around and boggles the senses.

In the case of Amber and Joshua lightning may indeed strike in the same place twice.

Download: I Knew

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