Thursday, June 4, 2009

Donny Hue and the Colors

The proper follow up to Donny Hue and the Colors album Folkmote, Letter from New Virginia, is out on June 23rd and the band have begun releasing a bunch of free sides (b sides from the album) fo us to enjoy prior to the release date.

Recorded in an old barn in the middle of Luray, VA, Letter to New Virginia paints a majestic landscape of harmonica laced hoe down folk. Once again, the Colors came from all over the eastern seaboard and west coast to put together the follow up to 2007’s Donny Hue and the Colors debut Folkmote. Burleigh Seaver (former member of OK GO) brought in his recording gear and captured all of the harmonies of the album at once with mixing and mastering done back in DC.

Judging by the freesides, Letter From New Virginia seems like it will be a folk-pop album that's filled with enough harmonies and left of center ideas to last a lifetime. Filled with quirky lyrics and homely vocals, the songs are like an old friend you haven't heard from in a while. The tunes are dusty and endearing. They are far from cliched territory and have such a great pop sensibility about them. Yeah, the songs are predominantly acoustic but they're hypnotic in that call and response, foot stomping sort of way and that's what makes them fun to listen to.

Download: Oh Lord
Download: Hayseed Cousins

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