Monday, June 15, 2009

They're Going to Save Your Soul!

Happy Monday to everyone. I meant to post this on Friday but never got around to it. But truth be told, it actually makes more sense brand new tracks from Soulsavers on a Monday than a Friday.

Who are the Soulsavers? Well they just happen to be one of the greatest accumulations of talent in rock and roll. Nothing too special then? So who's in the band? Well you've got Will Oldham, Mark Lannegan, Jason Pierce, Mike Patton, and Richard Hawley, Gibby Haynes, and probably some member of your family as well.

It's a crazy combination of artists and music and the results are not at all what you would expect. With people like Gibby and Mike involved you'd think it would be chaotic and all over the place, but instead it's almost like some dusty, rustic, countrified gospel soul record that's groovy, depressing, and really frickin' good.

Will Oldham's take on Mark Lannegan's, "Sunrise," is the perfect early morning tune while Lannegan's take on Oldham's, "You'll Miss Me When I Burn," will have you calling your therapist.

This superstar album soon to be known as Broken comes out in August and judging by what you can download below it's destined to be a classic!


Anonymous said...

Ta fer da post, but pls spell Lanegan with one 'n' (sacrilege!).

Anonymous said...

Is it possible you up the files again? Tnx