Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Incoming Missill's

For those that don't know Missill, she is a multi-talented French mixtress (aren't they all nowadays) working in every medium she can - graphic designer, graffiti artist, producer and DJ.

Missill is in top form for the release of her second mixed CD. Don't believe me, just listen to the album sampler below. The girl just plain kicks ass. She's all over the place, keeping her Serato working on overdrive. It's impressive stuff and will have everyone that thinks DJing is just for guys shaking in their shoes. Here productions are just as impressive and have that trademark French sound to them that will have you quaking in your Chuck Taylors.

'Mix Shake', Missill's second DJ mix is set to provide the perfect soundtrack for Summer. Her style was described in the UK's M8 Magazine as a “sense-shredding orgy of hiphop, electro, ragga, dancehall, breaks and grime”.

I couldn't agree more.

Download: We Don't Care
Download: We Don't Care (Missill and Loris Chuppa Vocal Mix)
Download: Mix Shake Mega Mix

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