Thursday, June 11, 2009

Canadian Band Alert: Ketch Harbour Wolves

The Ketch Harbour Wolves hail from across Ontario, yet foster a deep connection to Ketch Harbour (Nova Scotia). It was there at the edge of the ocean that the band began to grow in the tiny coastal village - at which point KHW was merely a seedling nurtured by vocalist/guitarist Jonathan Tyrrell and percussionist Brian Urbanik. Ketch Harbour Wolves were born five-strong on the familiar ground of Toronto with bass guitarist Scott Winter, lead guitarist Liam Brown, and multi-instrumentalist Kristjan Bergey (keyboards, flute, saxophone).

They are a moody bunch that write songs filled with sweeping, dramatic instrumentation and emotionally intense vocals. Their record, Dead Calm Horizon is a turbulent, stormy record that ebbs and flows on the mercurial nature of the band. It's really good stuff that defies any set of predetermined parameters and doesn't really sound like anyone else right now.

Tense and powerful the Ketch Harbour Wolves have come up with a set of songs that mix a sense of space with a sense of breathtaking theatrics and this is why it's hard not to like them.

Download: Words
Download: Animals

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