Thursday, June 11, 2009

NASA Is Oh So Gifted

There's a new video from the crazy folks who are N.A.S.A. and as per usual it's an awesome little work of art. It's just another feather in the cap of the rather brilliant duo who somehow managed to round up half the damn musical world to appear on their 2009 debut.

I mean come on..."Gifted," alone has Kanye West, Santogold, AND Lykke Li! That's like the line up of the gods and when you have the song remixed by Treasure Fingers that's just about unthinkable.

That being said, it’s easy to say that it's damn hard to come across a band with more creative willpower or energy than that of the collaborative geniuses behind 2009’s party band, N.A.S.A. Well, this brand new video of theirs entitled “A Volta” proves that point to the extreme. Directed and animated by the production team Logan, and featuring the artwork of The Date Farmers, this video combines stunning video and graphic art work with its own storyline - accurately representing both the modern-day underworld crime scene and a love for video games.

The video for, "A Volta," is NUTS. It's like watching Grand Theft Auto Rio De Janeiro. You want violence, sex, cardboard bad guys, guns, helicopters, and explosions it's all there. Watching this thing is like watching a stop animation Michael Bay movie. You might have to watch it two or three times just to catch all the action.

Download: Gifted (Treasure Fingers Epic Wave Remix)

Watch: A Volta

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