Monday, June 1, 2009

DirtyBlu Wonder Where Are You?

It's been a while folks. Duty calls in the form of off site meetings. I'm still playing catch up and I should be back to normal by tomorrow. Until then here's a quick post from DirtyBlu.

DrtyBlu are an obscure electro-house punk group from Brooklyn, who claim 'Our mission is to capture and release sounds, our style is no style. DrtyBlu smells like Humbolt county and moves like Muddy Waters. DrtyBlu is the new color of electro [pop] punk.'

Whether or not they are the 'new color' is up for debate, but the fact that DirtyBlu can write a big tune is not. "Where Are You" is destined to be huge as it has radio friendly written all over it. This is a tune that embraces the poppier side of punk with open arms and then bashes it over the head with a bunch 0f 808's. It might be a pure pop-ish at times but the synths and samples just throw the whole song into a dizzying loop of floor filling fun.

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