Friday, August 14, 2009

The Choir's Voices Are Red

Red Voice Choir was formed in the winter of 2005 by (now former) members of Black Ice, Death of a Party and The Holy Kiss. With a wide range of influences and styles, the Oakland, CA based band featured a darkly beautiful blend of loud and quiet, soothing harmonies, screaming vocals and intense melodies. Their dark, post-punk sound came to an end in early 2008.

RVC's line-up featured Miss Kel, who brought her special brand of emotionally intense vocals and keyboards, Adam Beck who added his voice as front-man and took care of guitar, Dawn Hillis on the bass and Kevin Brown, who pounded away at the drums. Miss Kel's notorious vocal performances and intense energy was complemented by Adam Beck's multi-layered voices and screams.

The collaboration between the two brought new dimensions and dark layers to Red Voice Choir's music and lyrical storytelling. Kevin Brown and Dawn Hillis kept the rhythm section solid, switching between post-tribal rhythms, punk styles and a touch of deathrock. Their live shows were described as a "thunderous seance" both musically and visually. Their first EP, A Thousand Reflections, was regarded as a gritty and emotional DIY gem within the darkest rock scenes. Although the members have since moved on onto other projects (Kevin now in Mis America, Dawn and Adam now in Chambers), this new EP speaks as a frozen moment in time, and a testament to the crimson energy they created. To good to be shelved, Hungry Eye Records is working with the band releasing this EP entitled Apparitions, as EYE19 in a free download.

Download: Apparitions EP

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