Sunday, August 30, 2009

Vowels Spell Out The End Of The World

UK producer James Rutledge has taken on many personas over the years, and is now moving his efforts and exploration into the Krautrock realm. Rutledge will release this new music under the name Vowels, teaming up with LOAF records (The Chap, Johan Agebjorn/Sally Shapiro, Pete Fowler), for the US release of Pattern Prism on September 22nd. Previously only available on import, Pattern Prism is an extension of Rutledge's continuing interest in Krautrock, and he cites influences ranging from Silver Apples and SunnO))) to John Carpenter and Black Dice among others.

Pattern Prism is the sound of the Dalek conquering earth and destroying everything in it's path. It's dark, mechanical, industrial, and harsh. It's synths sound as sharp as daggers and the proggy haze that surrounds them truly sounds like the most magnificent end to earth the world will ever see.

Bizarre but brilliant, Pattern Prism will pretty much be the soundtrack to the apocalypse when it eventually happens and my guess is Rutledge and Vowels will be well chuffed with that.

Download: ONUP

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