Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kemptown Races

After the recent success with his collaborative release with Meat Katie, Marvin Beaver AKA Dylan Rhymes returns with his latest show stopping release featuring the hotly tipped Pablo Decoder who also shared the spotlight on his ‘I Am Sweet’ single earlier in the year.

Known as ' Kemptown,' the tune is a full blooded, roof raising slice of electro tech madness with the trademark Dylan Rhymes production providing the perfect base for Decoders off the hook vocals. Distorted, twisted synths mesh with a solid rhythm track and driving percussion to create and energy filled vortex of a record that draws in all in it’s path.

In other words this is one track you need in your life!

Dylan Rhymes and Pablo Decoder’s ‘Kemptown’ is out now exclusively on Beatport.

Download: Kemptown
Watch: Promo skit (NOT safe for work)

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