Thursday, August 20, 2009

Oh It's Ospada

O'Spada came out of nowhere in June when a track called Time surfaced on a few blogs, and all of a sudden they were all over the blogosphere. Together with the band the label then hosted a remix competition where they gave away all the mix-tracks of Time for free download. They got a great response. So now on it's official release to only present the top 3 remixes seemed like a waste when there were so many great competitors.

So what did the fine folks at Despotz Records do? They released 11 of them for free. In typical Despotz fashion the remixes are all top notch. It would be hard to pick a favorite of the bunch but the Montauk Remix (on Itunes) and the Elan remix (below) are probably my faves.

The next single Ten Strikes will be released in Oct./Nov. and their full length debut album will start to hit stores in February 2010. For those of you who wish to hear the original version of Time there is a great DIY video from the band up on

Download: Time (Elan Remix)
Download: Time (Andy Crough Remix)
Download: Time (LA Rush Remix)
Download: Time (Conny G Remix)
Download: Time (Extra Cheese Remix)
Download: Time (Superhumans In Real Time Remix)
Download: Time (35 Bag Remix)
Download: Time (Coco Productions & Alvaro Villalobos remix)

1 comment:

john said...

i like elan remix the best, that would be the one you hear in the club, ladies gettin craaazayyy