Sunday, August 2, 2009

Neon Bibles for Neon Indians

An elusive new project from composer Alan Palomo, Neon Indian delivers equal parts synthetic nostalgia, dreampop lullabies, and grinding guitar noise to create something eerier than the sum of its parts.

Forged after a hazy winter gathering in Texas, this initial batch of tracks were the result of field recordings, record samples, a collection of bizarre synth sounds. Soliciting the visual acrobatics of Video artist Alicia Scardetta, this project is setting out to be a multimedia maelstrom. Orbiting around the themes of drug induced heartbreak, weary afternoons, and lost chances, this music provides a lush soundtrack to the deadbeat exploits of teenage ennui.

Neon Indian’s bedroom ballads have already forged the upcoming Psychic Chasms, set for release this summer. Think of New Order, early 80's synth pop, and maybe even Future Bible Heroes, and you kind of have Neon Indian in a nutshell. Expect much racket to be had from this fresh faced crew.

Download: Terminally Chill
Download: Deadbeat Summer

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