Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wakey Wakey...

I love it when mysterious emails come my way. You get a name and a handful of tracks. No bio, no information, nothing. Now, if I wanted to, I could actually use a couple resources at my fingertips and find out, but why bother, that's half the fun. The mystery is what makes these things so cool.

All that brings me to my point and my post, I got a mysterious email from a Brooklyn DJ/producer (insert things you do w/computers and music here) Peter High who's sent some tracks. Going under the guise of Wake Up Wake Up he keeps himself under wraps and lets his work speak for itself. Working in the shadows and under the cover of darkness, he's reworked a whole host of stuff and judging by what I've seen and heard it's all pretty damn good. Residing somewhere within the world of downtempo and maybe even synthpop proper Wake Up Wake Up has no problems taking a remix down the lush and slow route whether it be hip hop or an upfront banger. It makes for some damn good early morning listening when you need to Wake Up. See and hear for yourself...

Download: Walking on A Dream (Wake Up Remix)
Download: Paris, Tokyo (Wake Up Remix)
(both via Mediafire)

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