Monday, August 31, 2009

The Static Is Getting Louder

Three albums in, 65daysofstatic is currently locked away in Sheffield battling with the writing for their fourth album. Mean time, the band and its longtime label, UK’s Monotreme Records, has released a definitive document of the final two dates of the band’s recent 50-something show tour with The Cure. Escape From New York deftly presents what 65daysofstatic are best at: setting the house on fire. For this eponymous CD/DVD release, the houses in question are New York’s famed Madison Square Garden and Radio City Music Hall.

Rolling up to arenas and blasting their confusing noise at shows full of unsuspecting fans of The Cure was an immensely satisfying experience for 65daysofstatic. For a long time, the band suspected that just because 65daysofstatic is an instrumental outfit playing with weird time signatures, the music would be consigned exclusively to bedrooms and club shows filled with the passionate few. It turns out that 65daysofstatic’s sound bounces around nicely in arenas, too. See for yourself...

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