Monday, August 31, 2009

I Have A Theory

Field Theory combines pop-driven sensibility with the energy of post-punk, hearkening images of the Everly Brothers surrounded by frenetic drums and explosive, distorted bass tones. Not quite fitting the mold of the Indie, Modern, or Noise rock scenes, Field Theory possesses a certain sonic variability, with melodic, yet unapologetic lyrics narrating tales of love, loss, and anger.

Yeah, I know that sounds like ALOT of other bands, but Field Theory have this uncanny ability to switch between epic soaring tunes and gritty nervy power pop that sounds like it came straight from 1993. If you can picture Elbow being young, having ADHD, and stuck in some Midwestern American University in the early 90's you can kind of get a sense where Field Theory are coming from.

As for their recorded output, the band have been in and out of dark basements since their inception in the fall of 2007, they emerged with their debut EP, Paragraph(June 2008), a sonic landscape that straddles the delicate balance between seclusion and revival. In the spring of 2009 they began work on their follow-up work Evidence and Sentiments scheduled for release sometime this fall. Until that time, enjoy a smattering of tracks from the band that knows the difference between hypotheses and theories.

Download: Savior
Download: Who's Paying Attention Anyway
Download: My City

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