Monday, August 10, 2009

This Isn't An Old Wives' Tale

Old Wives' Tale are from Miami and they're cool and they're proving that my former hometown is slowly developing into a hotbed of kick ass music. It only took 20 or so years, but it's finally happening and that's's just too bad I'm 350 miles north and am missing all the fun. Then again, we have the Black Kids here in Jacksonville so it's not all so bad.

Anyway, The Valencia brothers formed Old Wives’ Tale in 2006 shortly after making the decision to relegate their biology, chemistry, music and audio engineering diplomas to mere wall decorations. Infected by an angst that resonated in every indie club in Miami’s design district, Jaime and Felipe joined their contrasting music personalities to create a fresh sound composed of distorted bass lines, disco beats, ripping guitars, and lyrics referencing alter-egos, heart-breaking love affairs, and one-night stands.

Younger Limbs was recorded in the brothers’ home studio in Miami with additional work in Bogotá, Colombia. Of the resultant “amphetamine music,” the band casually explains with tongue-in-cheek, “We don’t want to be thought of as pharmacists!” More seriously, Jaime and Felipe elaborate, exclaiming, “This is an effect the band has on itself and on the audience. We want to stimulate people so that they don’t let life just pass before their eyes!” With songs as striking as those on Younger Limbs, Jaime and Felipe needn’t worry about that -- our eyes and ears are wide open.

Download: [15] Amphetamine
Download: Royal Flesh

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