Thursday, August 13, 2009

Rave On Raveonettes!

The most rock and roll band on the planet are preparing to return to the fray and as they do so, they've been releasing bits and bobs of stuff from their new album. Will the album be any good. Of course it will! This is the band who got Ronnie Spector to sing for them after all!

Anyway, they've recently been doing all sorts of promotion for the track 'Suicide,' and even stopped by ABC to play it.

In addtion to all that, today, The Raveonettes have announced a substantial companion piece set to accompany the October 6th release of In & Out Of Control at iTunes. Indeed, when fans buy the Danish duo’s fourth LP at the digital retailer, they’ll get a 20-minute video featurette called The Chelsea Sessions, which boasts five performances of new Raveonettes songs, along with an in-depth interview about the making of the record – from its pop sensibilities to opening up the recording process to fans.

Download: Suicide
Watch: ABC Amplified

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