Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dane Jah Ras Jumps Forward To 2019

Dane Jah Ras is one of the top slam poets in Canada, a deadly emcee and a strong vocalist. So what happens when he watches Akira way, way, way, to much? The 2019 mix-tape that's what.

2019 is a hip-hop project that is loosely based on the plot line of Katsuhiro Otomo's "Akira". Each track features at least one sample from the film. Samples used include Japanese dialogue, the re-done English dialogue and segments from "The Akira Suite" (The film's score). The mix tape was produced and recorded by Dane. The concept, mix and master are from KnowSomething's DJ D-Mass.

And like the movie, the mix tape is a twisted adventure. Dane and D-Mass push the envelope constantly here and the reward is hip hop that's so far out there it might not ever come back. Dane is a raw talent that can rhyme any two words and make you like it. The mix tape is a fusion of anime, intelligent rhymes, and a dark destructive selection of beats and for those reasons it's pretty much the most original hip hop mix tape/album you'll hear all year.

Download: 2019 (full mix tape)

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