Thursday, August 27, 2009

I Need An XL

One of the pioneering multi-format dj's in Vancouver, Jon Hamlin was a mash-up artist before the term even existed. Known by his peers to be able to mix just about any genre into a seamless blend of pure party magic, Jon has left a trail of satisfied party goers wherever he has played.

In 2008, iamxl remix productions began to appear online and began circulating amongst various dj's the world over. Jon developed the iamxl persona to symbolize and celebrate musical diversity and his remix credits exemplify this. As a producer his tastes are varied and in a very short span he has already touched on downtempo house, hip-hop, gipsy punk, rock, and banging electro.

Having returned to Vancouver in March 2009, iamxl is once again making an impact on the Vancouver party scene. Whether it be upbeat hip-hop, disco, punk rock, latin, 80’s, or electronic bangers, any genre is fair game in Jon’s eyes.

Don't believe me? The guy has taken the Discovery Channel and put it into a mash-up. He's nuts and when he's not touring around playing records for people, he's bolted down to a chair in front of a computer working on tracks that will make your feet do things they don't want to do. He's got a smorgasbord of new tracks on offer right now that run the gamut. iamxl is a true talent who clearly has the knack for knowing how piece together songs in ways never before imagined.

He truly is the mad Canadian remixer.

Download: D.A.N.C.E. Happens (full mix via Mediafire)
Download: I Need A Freak (iamxl Gangster House Remix) (via Mediafire)
Download: Boom! (via Mediafire) <- bizarre tune of the month.


Dale said...

Iamxl is the undisputed king of this genre............he is a humble understated genius.......perfect for these times.......!

Paul POP! said...

I would agree!