Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Wooden Ships Set Sail

The Wooden Birds' first album, Magnolia, is out now on Barsuk Records. Fans of the AmAnSet will recognize Andrew Kenny's voice and song writing immediately, but the arrangements on Magnolia are more vocal and percussion heavy than anything he's done before.

Full of guitar-top drumming and beautiful harmonies, and anchored by Kenny’s percolating, vibey bass, Magnolia rolls by like a float down an ambient indie-rock river on a lazy summer day. The band documented their recent European tour with Grand Archives, and was able to condense the experience into a few short minutes as a video for the Magnolia standout track "Hometown Fantasy". You can download the tune AND watch the video below.

As for the tune itself, it's a sweet and innocent little ditty. Coming in at just under two and a half minutes it's a shuffly acoustic tune that sounds about as shy as a bunch of kids at their first dance. American Analogue Set, this is not, but it's nice to hear Andrew Kenny still making tunes to sing along to.

Download: Hometown Fantasy

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