Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Bravery Are Nothing But Spectators

It looks like the Bravery are making a full on assault on the world prior to their new album release. The new album, Stir The Blood, comes out on December 1 and it looks like they'll be firing warning shots until then. With the album's first single "Slow Poison" being played on radio stations throughout the land, the song "The Spectator," which will be on Stir The Blood, will also be released tomorrow on the Vampire Diaries soundtrack and we all know what that means tomorrow...PANIC!!

As for the song itself, it seems as though The Bravery have left their little feud with the Killers so far behind them it's not even a blip on the radar and have now totally embraced their inner Interpol.

The tune is good. It's a dark little ditty that I'm sure the goths (and vampire freaks) will fall in love with and pack out dry ice filled dance floors. Hopefully, the rest of the album is as consistent and good.

Until then, enjoy being a "Spectator."

Download: The Spectator

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