Monday, November 23, 2009

Don Diablo Knows It's Never Too Late

Here's another one from the Treasure Trove....

Never Too Late is the latest brainchild of Don Diablo , taken from his forthcoming album. The e.p. is set to be released digitally, as a taste maker for the album, at the end of November, right before the release of the official new single and video of Where I belong. The e.p. includes remixes by Jark Prongo, Deepgroove, Mason and others. Grab the original and the Mason remix right here, right now!

As an added bonus...'Too Cool For Amsterdam Bitch' is a cheeky bootleg by Hugo van Dyck based on Don Diablo's 'Too Cool For School', which proved to be quite the DJ weapon during the recent Amsterdam Dance Event, where it spread like wildfire among many of the world's biggest DJs and became one of the festival's biggest tunes.

Download: Never To Late via Mediafire
Download: Never To Late (Mason Remix) via Mediafire
Download: Too Cool For Amsterdam Bitch via Mediafire

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