Monday, November 16, 2009

Skipp Whitman's Tale Of The Tape

The latest from the POP! Stereo Treasure Trove, Skipp Whitman originally released his Clean Mixtape last year, after a bit of a brouhaha with the Richard Pryor estate. A year later and it's back and there's even more. Read on...
Skipp Whitman’s a Whiteboy. Born to artists. Raised at his father’s recording studio in Boston, at his mother’s art studio in Brookline, at his father’s recording studio in New York, at his mother’s art studio in Lincoln (a Boston suburb). Skipp was raised on weekend mornings in New England, on hardwood floors with a pet, a parent, and either Prince Records (at mom’s) or a vocorder/keyboard (at dad’s . . you know, ‘86).

Starting out in an upper-middle class town (namely, Brookline), Skipp was surrounded by the American Dream. His parents struggled, as most artists do. Fortunately, he learned early that in order to be an artist, you don’t have to be ‘starving.’ Fierce, stubborn, independent. Split-brained, impressed by a book he read in ’89 called TRUMP: THE ART OF THE DEAL all while nurturing a pre-teen love for something called Rap Music.

High School, Drugs, Peers, Beers, Athletically Declined, and a Gemini Sampler with the 8 second sample-loop option: Skipp wrote. Any four bar break to any rap song ever, turned very quickly into an instrumental. Skipp wrote. Freestyles, Battles, Respect, Fans, Response, Girls, Girls, Girls . . . . staying money-hungry, Skipp majored in Accounting in College, while nurturing a love for Rap Music.

Download: The Clean Mixtape
Download: The Whitman Fiasco

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