Monday, November 23, 2009

Westside Is The Bestside

Founded in the eighties, Westside Music was an early champion of Euro-club music, which in turn had a big influence on the American House scene. Artists on the label include Moskwa TV, Microchip League, Celebrate The Nun, Camouflage, Project One, and the Best Beats series. Many of Westside's releases entered the Billboard dance charts and other worldwide Dance charts, including some crossover hits that landed on more mainstream charts during the labels peak.

Production began in Germany in 1984, when label co-founder Achim Völker realized that there was a need for music that was made for DJs and clubgoers who frequented the massive discotechs that were so popular at that time. Now TwentyTen, Westside's follow-up label, is still hard at work promoting these electro classics-- not just in Germany and Europe, but across the world, thanks to its international appeal.

Download: MCL - Short Wave Symphony
Download: Jay Maroni - Everybody Dance
Download: Moskwa TV - Moskwa Electric
Download: Central Unit - Santiago

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