Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Bullet and The Snowfox

Bullet & Snowfox was born in a quaint West Hollywood café in the late summer of 2008. It was there, at Joey’s Café, that Kristen Wagner and Josh Shapiro saw the perfect creative counterpart to one another and thus, the music making began. After both having been involved in un-fulfilling projects, they were convinced that it was time to do things their own way.

With Josh heading up the track writing and Kristen covering all things vocal, they easily established a division of labor that gives the songwriting process an element of freedom that both had been so desperately looking for. With influences that span across the map from Siouxsie and the Banshees to Megadeth, they have developed an indie-dance-pop sound that is truly all their own.

With song subjects ranging from bitter break-ups to a quirky take on neurosis, they clearly cover all the bases when showcasing the make up of their personalities. Although these two bandits hail from opposite coasts, Kristen from San Diego and Josh from Pittsburgh, they share more in common than even they would care to admit. Both were raised in middle class homes with relatively sane parents, both college graduates, both have limited tolerance for general stupidity, both are maddeningly stubborn, and both just wouldn’t settle for the painfully suburban lives they were set up for. Eventually, amongst the sea of dreamers wandering the streets of L.A., they found each other and set out to conquer the universe (or at the very least, write some great songs.)

That right there is my kind of band. The take the gloss, sheen and plasticity of Los Angeles rough it up a bit, dip it in sugar and come out with pop songs that will own you. They're seductive, hooky, and freaking really really great. If all pop music was like this Lady Ga Ga would be living in a refrigerator box!

Download: Undercover
Download: Bad Days

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Petey said...

This stuff is awesome. i wish them all the luck. I am a fan!