Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Smooth Crimen-inal

One doesn't exactly think of Mexico as a musical hot bed when it comes to dance music. Perhaps, traditional Latin music, but not pill munching, hands in the air, electronic mayhem. But as time marches on, things seem to be changing with the aid of the Internet and technology.

Among those leading the way is Crimen! Hailing from Leon, Mexico, this DJ/producer takes things down a dark and heavy roadway where you're as likely to be run over by a drug cartel as you are a pack of lost ravers. It's brutally good stuff that builds up and then explodes much like a fuel air bomb; lots of destruction be it the dance floor so some unsuspecting village.

Is it any good? Hell yes. If you like loud bleepy noise and some old style techno chaos this will have your reaching for a hearing aid after about three listens.

Download: War
Download: Bass and Diamonds (ft. Fresh Girls)


Crimen said...

Thanks for the post man!! fuckin sick!:)

Anonymous said...

One doesn't exactly think of entitled blog kids for enlightened attitudes when it comes to racism. Perhaps, traditional American attitudes, but not anything remotely resembling good sense.

You're white? Post some country music, that's all you get.