Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wallpaper Hangs Another Roll

Wallpaper. just dropped their new video for "Gettin' Drip". With effects and backgrounds that look like something out of a video game from 1989, the video features drummer Arjun Singh and the frontman Ricky Reed strolling throughout various scenes as they try to get their party on.

"A lot of time and money was spent on this video," Singh says. "We had originally projected a budget of $0.00 but due to some unforeseen last minute expenses, we ended up paying $11.82 (and this came out of pocket, mind you)."

"In order to get the video textured just the right way, our director Todd Berger played the video from his computer, filmed it with his camera phone, imported it to his Facebook, had his mom download it as a .wav, recorded it over his Grandpa's 'Magic of David Copperfield III' VHS and then submitted the tape to the Internet," he adds. "That's some real magic."

These guys are one of my favorite bands at the moment, simply because they have their tongues firmly planted in cheek. They're hilarious (just watch the video) and they actually write some pretty decent tunes without even trying. These guys bring the party because they are the party!

Download: Get Drip

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