Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I And I and You

Weird Animals is Adam Sarmiento's fourth release under the name I and I and it continues in the genre defying modern pop mode that made the last album (White Noise/Black Music) so compelling.

With a name like I and I you would think that Adam would be doing some sort of reggae thing. Admit it, you're thinking I and I is going to crank up the Rastafarian jams, turn up the dub-meter and get in touch with your consciousness. Now you're thinking why they hell would that be on here. Well, I and I is 100% free of all frat boy love for reggae.

Instead, I and I is the sound of a Casio being programmed by Wall-E and then David Gahan singing very dryly on top of Wall-E's creation. It's a bit chilly, sparse, and dark but he has this knack of finding a melody amongst all that. It's twisted stuff that at times seems a little dire, but Adam always finds his way back to something that you can latch on to and that's what makes Weird Animals an enjoyable listen.

Download: Only Grey
Download: Weird Animals

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