Friday, November 20, 2009

One In A Googolplex

The latest in our Treasure Trove comes to us from One In a Googolplex .

One In A Googolplex is a German singer/songwriter taking his name from a line in the movie “Back To The Future III”. His music is genre-breaking and goes from acoustic to electro-pop.

After a short intermezzo as a singer in a teenage band and after extrapolating the properties of good audio from old Beach Boys cassettes, Coldplay records and Nick Drake’s singing, OIAG began to write his own songs with a ukulele and a very cheap guitar. It took 2 years of recording, experimenting, looking into space with a telescope, singing and mixing, and “The Proclaimer” was born, the first OIAG full-length album with 11 tracks, including the opener “Every Star Is A Thought”, a sublime, modern hymn about the influence of our beautiful celestial sphere on us.

One In A Googolplex is driven by the altruistic motive to bring joy into peoples’ lives and so he composed further songs for his album which was released over the summer, called Hands.

This latest release from OIAG is nothing less than an ode to life itself. With all its ups and downs, Hands reminds you with every track of the miracle of life, and that you should celebrate your existence.

Download: And the Sky Shall Be Painted

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