Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Polymorphic Raises Some Hell

As the days get darker so shall the music, and it's with that in mind, that note we welcome back the fold Moscow's own Polymorphic with the ever turbulent Rock On EP. This time out Polymorphic delivers the goods with 3 new tracks, 'Rock On', 'Scream' & 'Move Faster'. The EP also features a remix of the title track by Marseille who also had a hand it turning
out Proxy's Raven last year.

Repetitive to the point where your head might explode, this EP is not for the feint at heart. With a bit of old school rave coursing through the tunes as well as some decidedly brutal synths, the tunes here are heavy as hell and insist on causing as much damage as possible.

Polymorphic gets what he asks for as pretty much everything that stands in the way of this EP gets crushed in a fearless display of electronic aggression. Brutally brilliant!

Download: Rock On
Download: Scream

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