Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Project: Komakino Will Haunt You

Project: Komakino began as the solo music project of Kris Kane in March 2007. The project follows a simple manifesto, purely; “To Konstrukt!”. PROJECT:KOMAKINO was unveiled at the now legendary Experimental Circle Club in April 2007 and received high praise. From there Kris has gone on to play a number of gigs with the like minded up folks, such as Ipso Facto, Electricity In Our Homes and Ulterior.

The band has been referred to as a group of shadows, clad in uniforms of espionage and driven by the duende. With songs about dystopian futures and darker times, the music is disturbing and makes the skin twitch. The music is heavily influenced by British post punk, Constructive Design and Dystopian literature.

With those sorts on influences, there should be no surprise that Project: Komakino sounds remarkably like Joy Division. In fact, "Civility," almost sounds like a long lost Joy Division B-Side found rotting in the Factory offices. It's kind of a derivative of JD, but it's such a dead ringer and so close it's almost impossible not to like it. It's as if Ian was in the room.

After a sold-out single for the Parisian designer April77 and an EP for the hip London label Parlour Records, Project: Komakino will release its first album, The Struggle For Utopia, on the newly launched desire label.

Download: Civility
Download: Syndrome (Tom Furse Remix)

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