Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Don't Get To Phil Ospherical On Me Now...

Yeah, I don't know what the hell that title means either. It's supposed to be something along the lines of don't get all philosophical on me now.

Anyway, Phil and the Osophers are quite an ambitions and accomplished band without having ever actually been signed to a record label other than their own. This is a band that has released five albums of material and contains three members that have published several books. Gus the bass player has 9 titles to his credit! Talk about being multimedia savvy.

If that wasn't enough, the band has it's own label, Factual Fabrications. Their latest album "Toward Conquering The Invisible North" received rave reviews and garnered a delightful video for High Art, in which the band perform laser eye surgery on a friend. While digital is the most sustainable resource, Osophers fans can still buy their physical albums from Factual Fabrications. All album art are printed on recycled paper and they use only recycled jewel cases. That keeps the cost and price down.

Anyway, I unearthed this material from the POP! Stereo treasure trove/archives and decided to share it with you! Enjoy.

Download: Third World American
Download: High Art
Download: International Introvert

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